Grails Diary - Week 30 in 2015

27 July 2015

The Grails Slack channel already has 500+ members. Join if you havent already done so.

Cedric Champeau has created a small tool, deck2pdf for converting slides into a pdf. It supports deck.js, reveal.js, remark.js, impress.js, Flowtime.js, Google html5slides, Slide Presentation Framework and DZSlides slide deck, and can convert into pdf, png or jpeg. The binaries for version 0.3.0 are now availble on Bintray

"Groovy in Action 2nd edition" is number 5 in the Manning print book bestseller list in its first month after appearing. Congrats to Dierk and the other authors for an outstanding job.

In this week, there are more new and updated Grails 3 plugins than Grails 2. This includes the official release of version 2.0.0 of the Quartz plugin for Grails 3. As I se it, the major hurdle in upgrading to Grails 3 is the Spring Security plugin that does not have a Grails 3 release yet. But Peter Ledbrook, working on the talk submission app for the Groovy Grails Exchange, has posted the app as an example for using Grails 3 with Spring Security and pac4j for handling the Twitter/Google/Facebook login. This could be a solution for new projects. In it, Groovy's ability to ignore visibility scopes is used to get round this issue

Buildship, the Eclipse Gradle plugin is available in version 1.0.1, with the list of changes here

If you are attending GR8conf US in the comming week, remember there is an app with the schedule available. Next weeks edition of the Grails Diary is likely filled with news from GR8conf, even though I'm (sadly) not attending. In attendance is Ken and Baruch from the Groovy Podcast planning a show from the conference, and most of the Ratpack team, so you could wonder in there is something happening with that project ;)

The call for paper is open for Grailsconf India, likely the 9th or 10th. of January. Tickets are also available for SpringOne2GX, where I will be attending.

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New Grails 3 Plugins

Updated Grails 3 Plugins

  • fields (2.0.3) Grails fields plugin
  • scaffolding (3.1.0) Grails scaffolding plugin
  • quartz (2.0.0) Grails quartz plugin

New Grails 2 Plugins

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • Plugin The Plugin allows your Grails application to use lets you send your analytics data to any service you want, without you having to integrate with each one individually.
  • Asset Autoprefixer Plugin Asset-Pipeline extension to call autoprefixer on less and css files

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