Grails Diary - Week 32 in 2015

10 August 2015

Again a week packed with videos from GR8conf US, a few releases, and lots of other news. If you are missing a link to anything from the Groovy Ecosystem, Kunal Dabir's list: Awesome Groovy of curated Groovy libraries, frameworks and resources, is a place to start.

The Gradle team really have picked up the pace, and version 2.6 is already out. There are two major new features in this release: The new "Gradle TestKit" for functionally testing your own Gradle plugins, and support for the Play framework ecosystem. For play, the continous build feature will provide continous reload. The more elaborate version of the new features can be found in the release notes, but take also a look at the manual for the test kit.

Geb is out with a bugfix version, solving two regressions that had slipped through, the manual has the specifics.

If you are looking into Deploying Gradle Apps on Heroku, including Gradle apps, the article on Heroku Dev Center describes how it is done, and has recently been updated.

Russell Hart offered a Ratpack workshop at GR8conf US, and it is available for self study. The format is really great, with answers on a separate answer branch, and great pointers in the exercises for where help can be located in the documentation and in the source code. Also available for Ratpack: Dan Woods slides from UberConf 2015: Ratpack Web Framework

Guillaume Laforge has updated the Groovy web console to use Groovy 2.4.4, which you can find at

You can watch a video of the Evolution of grooscript (Gource Visualization), showing how the project has evolved over time - it is very cool to see.


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  • gorm-envers (0.3) The gorm-envers Grails plugin add auditting functionality to GROM in your Grails application using Hibernate Envers. The only thing you need to?

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