Grails Diary - Week 43

27 October 2013

The release candidate for Gradle 1.9 is available now. The program for the Groovy Grails eXchange is taking shape, and it is already looking exiting

Blogs, articles etc.

New Plugins

  • D3 resources Provides resource files for the D3.js JavaScript library.
  • SeedMe Plugin Implements a standard convention for adding seed data to your application.
  • Hystrix Circuit Breaker Plugin Hystrix is awesome, this is an attempt to make it easy to use for a Grails application
  • OpenCMIS SDK Plugin The OpenCMIS plugin allows your grails application to use open binding services with content repositories like Apache InMemoryRepository and Alfresco Cloud network.

Updated Plugins

  • Atmosphere Meteor Plugin This plugin incorporates the Atmosphere Framework, which includes client and server-side components for building asynchronous web applications.
  • AWS SDK Plugin The AWS SDK Plugin allows your Grails application to use the Amazon Web Services infrastructure services. It provides simple wrapper service around the official AWS SDK for Java.
  • Jersey Request Builder Plugin Provides the Jersey client library and a builder to simplify use of the library.
  • Spring Mobile Grails plugin Device resolver based on the Spring Mobile Library
  • Clover Code Coverage for Grails 2.x A plugin that integrates Clover into GRAILS 2.x projects. Clover is a Code Coverage tool that produces beautiful reports which are highly configurable and extensible.
  • Spring Security Kerberos Plugin Spring Security Kerberos plugin
  • Plastic Criteria Plugin Mock Grails Criteria for Unit Tests
  • Searchable Plugin Adds rich search functionality to Grails domain models. Built on Compass ( and Lucene (
  • Excel Export Plugin This plugin helps you export data in Excel (xlsx) format, using Apache POI.
  • Grails REST Plugin Adds REST client capabilities to your Grails application.
  • Cookie Plugin Makes dealing with cookies easy. Provides an injectable service and expands request with methods to easily get, set, and delete cookies with one line

Interesting Tweets

Conferences and meetups

Gradle Exchange, London, October 28th, 2013
Groovy Grails Exchange, London, December 12th - 13th, 2013
Grails48, global, Feb. 28th - March 2nd , 2014
GR8conf Europe, Copenhagen, June 2nd -4th, 2014
SOTR - Scotch on the Rocks, Edinburg, June 5th - 6th, 2014