Grails Diary - Week 45 in 2015

09 November 2015

This last week, the first videos from GR8conf Eu was published, and this diary brings the release of another one. The talk I gave on Geb for testing your Grails Application, is the first ever conference talk I have offered.

Mr. Haki could celebrate his 1000th blog post on his Messages from mrhaki blog. This is extremely impressive, and one of my favorite resource when Googling a problem. You can support Mr Haki by buying one of the Leanpub notebooks on Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Spock or Asciidoctor. Luckily, Mr. Haki promisses to keep blogging :)

The first release candidate for Gradle 2.9 is available. In the release notes, you can find the a lenghty description of improvements, highlighted by reduced memory consumption and performance improvements on incremental builds. The Gradle TestKit now has support for debugging, cross-version testing and capturing build output.

If you have not tried out Grooscript yet, it has now become even easier to get started. Jorge Franco has made a Getting started with grooscript manual. If you need a bit more information, the Grooscript in Action video from this years GR8conf EU has just been published.

As I'm finishing this weeks blog, Devoxx in Belgium is underway, and even if this is a Java conference, it has plenty of GR8 content. Jenn Strater has shared her slides on Creating RESTful Web Services with Grails 3, Ted Vinke is offering a workshop Web Application Development using Grails & Docker @ Devoxx, Baruch shared code from his Groovy AST Transformations talk, with code for the AST generator by Sergei Egorov. Danny Hyun will offer a Ratpack workshop and lots more.


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Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • AngularJS Annotate Asset-Pipeline Plugin Provides AngularJS dependency injection annotation support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.
  • Audit Logging Plugin Automatically log change events for domain objects. The Audit Logging plugin additionally adds an instance hook to domain objects that allows you to hang Audit events off of them. The events include onSave, onChange, and onDelete. When called, the event handlers have access to oldObj and newObj definitions that will allow you to take action on what has changed.
  • Websocket Chat Plugin Default WebSocket Multi-chat room plugin, supports Admin privilages, kicking banning users. Webcam support for chrome/firefox. WebRTC (audio/video & screen) support 0.24+
  • Spud Cms Plugin Provides CMS functionality for Spud
  • Babel Asset-Pipeline Plugin Adds babel transformation to Asset-Pipeline.

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