Grails Diary - Week 46 in 2015

17 November 2015

Another week has passed, this time filled with videos from Devoxx Belgium, GR8conf EU, lots of Ratpacked blogs by MrHaki and a new open sourced project by Netflix as some of the headliners.

I'm wondering if OCI and Gradle are having a small competition on who can collect the best Groovy Ecoosystem Dream Team? This week, Ryan Vanderwerf announced he is joining OCI, while Paul King joins Gradle. Congrats to both of Ryan and Paul, OCI and Gradle. OCI possibly still have an open possition as well have Gradle Inc.

Devoxx Belgium had quite a few speakers from the Groovy Ecosystem, and as all videos are already uploaded to Youtube, the video section have the ones I've found. The entire playlist is available here.
Jeff Beck and Danny Hyun gave a highly rated workshop on Ratpack, and for those of us that was not attending, the slides and the Labs are available. The slides from the talk by Cedric Champeau on "Building modern DSLs with Groovy" are here.

Netflix just open sourced Spinnaker - a Continuous Delivery platform for global cloud deployments, with a significant part of the project written in Groovy.

Ken Peter and Baruch did episode 21 of the Groovy Podcast. Thank you to them for the shout-out, and I'm happy to summarize, but the real applause should go the all the contributors everywhere in the Groovy Ecosystem. Every pull-request counts!

Sergio Del Amo has published one Groovy Calamari with another just underway! Remember you can subscribe to the Groovy Calamari newsletter, delivered to your mailbox.

Grooscript have reached 100 stars on Github! So Jorge Franco celebrates with a new released, of version 1.2.2 is out! tHIS COMES WITH speed improvements, Builder and TailRecursive AST's working.

On Twitter, Cédric Champeau opened a discussion on breaking binary compatibility of Groovy, or having a single giant module, for supporting Project Jigsaw

I noticed Gradle Test Profiler this week as the release of version 0.3.2 came out. It enables you to see your test execution times sorted in the descending manner and allows you to add timeouts to your junit/Spock test dynamically

In conference related news, more speakers have been announced for GR8conf India this january, with early bird tickets available a couple of weeks still. The call for paper is open for GR8conf EU - 2016 in Copenhagen, as well as for Greach in Madrid. Greach also announced the first three speakers already: Cedric Champeau, Jeff Scott Brown and Graeme Rocher.


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