Grails Diary - Week 47 in 2015

23 November 2015

In the blog this week, the biggest news will of course be Apache Groovy's graduation!

The Groovy Language has been accepted as a Top Level Project at the Apache Software Foundation, and we all better get used to the term "Apache Groovy". The news was announced on the mailing list at November 19th, I've marked it in my calendar as "Apache Groovy Day" as suggested by Cedric. Don't forget to follow @ApacheGroovy on twitter.

Graeme announced the first release candidate for GORM 5 Suite, for using as standalone or in a Grails application. It brings support for Neo4J, and still support Hibernate, Mongo, Redis and Cassandra. It is rewritten from the Ground up, utilising Groovy Traits and AST transformations. It even comes with its own website, where you can find more info.

The Gradle team released Gradle 2.9, bringing much faster builds, especially for projects with a large number of source files. The TestKit has been improved with support for cross-version testing and capturing the output of the build. You can also find bugfixes and more in the release notes, including a few potentially breaking changes.

Celebrating Apache Groovy day, Jorge Franco release a new version, 1.1.3 of the Grails 3 plugin for Grooscript.

Spock is not limited to testing Groovy or Java code! Evgeny Shepelyuk reports that they have been using Spock for testing Scala/Akka applications for a long time and have blogged about it: Testing AKKA application with Spock . Thanks to Rob Fletcher for pointing me to this, as I'm sure it will come to good use in my team.

Craig Burke has shared his slides from JVM Scripting in Groovy from a talk at the Pittsburgh Groovy Developer Community, and Schalk Cronjé has shared his from Devoxx Marocco on Idiomatic Gradle plugin writing.

The upcomming Groovy Grails Exchange in London will feature Cedric Champeau as Keynote speaker with the title "Call me Apache Groovy", tickets are still available. You only have a week left of early bird tickets for Grailsconf India, so if you plan on going, book now!


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New Grails 3 Plugins

  • hibernate5 (5.0.0.RC1) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework
  • neo4j (5.0.0.RC1) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework
  • redis-gorm (5.0.0.RC1) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework
  • hibernate4 (5.0.0.RC1) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework
  • hibernate3 (5.0.0.RC1) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework

Updated Grails 3 Plugins

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • Spring Security REST Plugin Implements authentication for REST APIs based on Spring Security. It uses a token-based workflow
  • Sequence Number Generator A Grails service that generate sequence numbers from different sequences, formats, etc.You can control the starting number, the format and you can have different sequences based on application logic.The method getNextSequenceNumber() is injected into all domain classes annotated with @SequenceEntity.It returns the next number for the sequence defined for the domain class.

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