Grails Diary - Week 50 in 2015

14 December 2015

While I'm writing this weeks diary, the Groovy Grails Exchange is happening in London, and that generates lots of content! Skillsmatter have already published the videos from the first day, and the keynote by Cédric Champeau: Call me Apache Groovy is a nice trip down memory lane, for how Groovy became the language it is today. All the published videos are in the videos section, and I've included links to the slides published. The videos in general can be found here, and I expect Skillsmatter will have the ones from day two out right soon too.

The TIOBE Index for December 2015 has Groovy in 24th place. With more than 11 million downloads of Groovy since the beginning of the year, I think it should have been even higher!

The recent Grails 3.1 milestone release features an Angular profile, which have received great reviews from the community. ? Bertrand Goetzmann has published a Grails 3.1 CRUD application using angular profile demonstrating Angular as front-end. This might end up in a nice tutorial

The Gradle team has released Gradle 2.10-rc-1, and the release notes reveal it comes with significant performance improvements for large builds, and a number of bug fixes and smaller improvements. Use Sdkman to grab this release. Gradle has managed to raise $4.2M to commercialize its open source build automation software. CMO for Gradle Inc. Miko Matsumura blogs on why and what the next steps are

Schalk Cronjé has published a collection of tips on Idiomatic Gradle Plugins as a Leanpub book.

The Spring security core plugin for Grails 3 has been officially released, as has a series of the other Spring Security Grails plugins - Great work by Burt Beckwith in driving this forward.

Do you want to write Vertx apps in a really Groovy way? Then take a look at Arnaud Esteve's vertx-groovy-sugar project, which adds syntaxic sugar on top of vertx-lang-groovy.

The slides I've found from GGX 2015 are (videos are in the section below):


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