Grails Diary - Week 51 (and ½) in 2015

24 December 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!
This christmas edition of the Grails Diary covers week 51 and half of week 52, and the next will also cover one and a half week.

The Grails team are ready with the first release candidate of Grails 3.1. The highlights are internal update to Spring Boot 1.3 and Spring 4.2, improved support for profiles, including refinements to the rest-api profile (previously known as web-api), a new Angular JS profile, the GORM 5 suite and support for publishing through Gradle plugins. See all the details in What's new in Grails 3.1 Guide. Also out is a bugfix release on Grails 3.0.11, taking care a handfull minor issues

Gradle 2.10 is now released, bringing significant performance improvements, especially for large builds. The release notes also describes improvements to the Gradle TestKit, and a new buildEnvironment task, to get better insight into hte buildscript dependencies of the Gradle build.

If you try to answer Groovy questions on Stack Overflow, but always find the questions answered before you get to it, you might want to follow @groovyoverflow on Twitter! All Groovy tagged questions are tweetet there.

OrientDB now officially supports Eugene Kamenev's orientdb-groovy as groovy binding. Check the language bindings docs.

Jorge Franco is ready with a new Grails 3 plugin for Grooscript, version 1.2.0. In this, a new incubating feature to create webcomponents in Groovy. The documentation shows how easy and elegant you can use this.

Early indications points to SpringOne dropping the 2GX part. at least has removed the 2GX part from the logo. There is a twitter discussion with comments here. Vegas would be fun, but not without Groovy and Grails!
Luckily, there are better options for Groovy related conferences. GR8Conf India is just this January, featuring Burt Beckwith and Paul King.
Also Greach in April in Madrid is getting closer, and will this year take place in a new venue, very central in Madrid. The Call for Papers are open until January 17th at midnight, but why wait to submit - do it now! New this year is 15 minutes lighting talks!
While you are at it, submit also for GR8Conf EU in Copenhagen and GR8Conf US in Minneapolis.
At conferences, you get to meet the rock stars of the Groovy community, experience the bleading edge news, and be inspired to new projects and ways of working.

Again - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The Grails Diary will be back again in 2016!


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