Grails Diary - Week 4 in 2016

01 February 2016

Grails 3 is really picking up steam! This week there are no new or updated Grails 2 plugins, but a lot of both for Grails 3.

Biggest news this week must be the release of Grails 3.1. The manual has a section on What's new in Grails 3.1 Guide, and the highlights are the improvements to profiles (publishing and repositories), the new REST API and AngularJS Profiles, the GORM 5 suite and plugins for publishing plugins. Graeme visited the Groovy Podcast discussing the history of Grails and the new 3.1 release

Burt Beckwith pointed to an article on performance issues with Hibernate when the logging settings were changed. It is worth a read, as Grails/GORM for most of the drivers use Hibernate under the hood

The Groovy team is discussing the roadmap for the next major release on the Groovy mailing list, and the wording of features. There are much work to be done, but also a steady stream of contributions.

Power blogger Mr Haki (if you don't believe me, check the blog section) has updated four of his notebooks on leanpub: Groovy Goodness Gradle Goodness Spocklight and Grails Goodness

Craig Burke has shared the slides and code to go with the video for his "All About Gradle" talk in the video section.

Phill Barber has tried to do a comparison of Ratpack and Dropwizard, and have measured performance and other metrics, and have Ratpack as his teams new framework.

Peter Ledbrook is the instructor on a couple of new courses on Groovy and Grails, where instead of intensive one or more day training, the timespan is longer with feedback gradually. I'm interested in how Peters experiences with this style is, as it sounds promissing for long term retention of the material.

After Spring One dropped the 2GX part, New No Fluff Just Stuff is instead having a dedicated Groovy, Grails and Gradle conference, the G3 Summit this year in Fort Lauderdale late november/early december.

Greach, the Spanish Groovy conference, has published the agenda, with lots of interesting talks and speakers. I'll present a talk on Geb, and is really looking forward to visiting Spain again. Last year was a great experience! And the conference has extended the early bird ticket discount, with a few tickets, now that the agenda is out, - but hurry, there a only a few left!

The call for paper is still open, for both GR8Conf EU, GR8Conf US and a new mini conference in Warsaw, the GR8Day Warsaw on March 19th.


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New Grails 3 Plugins

  • asynchronous-mail (2.0.0.RC1) The plugin realises asynchronous mail sending. It stores messages in a DB and sends them asynchronously by a quartz job.
  • slack (2.0.0) Grails Slack Integration Plugin
  • browser-detection (3.0.0) Grails Browser Detection Plugin
  • middleware (0.0.3) Grails middleware plugin
  • remote-pagination (0.5.0) Grails remote-pagination plugin

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