Grails Diary - Week 5 and 6 in 2016

15 February 2016

This time again a two week edition of the Grails Diary. I was too busy last sunday, and I think 2016 will see a lot more of bi-weekly diaries. The best thing about a two week edition: Twice the amount of great material from the Groovy Ecosystem!

The Grails team released version 3.1.1, with support for reloading of subprojects/plugins. Graeme wrote a blog post with more information, and he mentions this is a result of Grails being with OCI and the team of developpers that report issues back from daily life.

Again in February, Groovy is in top 20 of the Tiobe index. It has become a pleasent habit!

Gradle has been released in version 2.11, the release notes reveal that this brings improvements for the new software model, working towards a Gradle 3.0 release. Also this release improves the dependability of continoues build, which I personnally finds extremely useful.

The Ratpack team has both release candidate 1 and 2, for the upcomming 1.2.0 release out. The still unreleased 1.2.0 version will bring lots of improvements, as you can read in the draft of the release notes. Most notable is maybe the new utility for simple publish/subscribe with promises, see the the API description for Promised.

Adam L. Davis is 99% done with his Leanpub book: "Learning Groovy", which also covers Gradle, Grails, Spock, Ratpack and more. You can buy it at

Guilaume Laforge mentions there is a Slack channel underway for Groovy, But until then, don't forget that both Grails and Ratpack already have channels.

Andrew Reitz have released version 0.3.8 of the gradle-groovy-android-plugin, which adds Groovy language support for Android. It is available from Bintray.

Groovy Users of Minnesota had Jenn Strater giving a presentation on "Test-Driven Approaches to Documenting RESTful APIs", and while there is no video, Jenn has shared her slides.

Geb is out in version 0.13.0, with a few breaking changes, and a bunch of new features and improvements. It is now build with Groovy 2.4.5 and Spock 1.0-groovy-2.4, and there is a number of Navigator methods that would operate on first element of a multi element Navigator now throw an exception when called on a multi element navigator. The short description of the updates is on the mailing list and the long version is in the Book of Geb. For Grails the plugin is also upgraded to use the new version.

GR8Conf has spawned a new little sister: GR8Days, and the first event is GR8Day Warsaw 2016 in Poland. You can submit talks now, as the CFP is open!

The Speakers for Greach 2016 can now be found on this twitter list: Sorry for the self promotion, but I'm really looking forward to visiting Madrid again, as Greach has been fantastic the last two times I have attended.



Blogs, Articles, etc.

New Grails 3 Plugins

Updated Grails 3 Plugins

New Grails 2 Plugins

  • Grails DataTables Plugin This plugin allows you to quickly add feature-rich tables to your Grails application. It uses the excellent DataTables plugin for jQuery created by SpryM

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • Geb integration for Grails Integrates the geb functional testing framework
  • HTML5 drag and drop multi-file upload plugin A HTML5 drag and drop multi-file upload plugin
  • GR8 CRM Campaign Management User Interface This plugin is a companion plugin to crm-campaign, a plugin part of the GR8 CRM plugin suite. It contains a Twitter Bootstrap based user interface for campaign management.
  • GR8 CRM Campaign Services This plugin provide storage and services for managing campaigns in GR8 CRM based applications. A campaign is something that has a message and a target group, for example an email campaign, a product discount or a web site banner. Custom plugins can provide other campaign types with Grails artifacts.

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