Grails Diary - Week 7 in 2016

22 February 2016

Apache Groovy 2.4.6 has been released! And this release has solved a whooping 59 bugs, improved the documentation, and a number of general improvements around StreamingJsonBuilder, error-message for AST transformation, closures generated as public classes and more. See the change log for the full list of issues fixed. As always, the easiest way to upgrade is to use Sdkman, where Groovy 2.4.6 is already available.

Cedric Champeau is using the #ThankAnOpenSourceContributorFriday tag on Twitter, which is a great thing. He however recently rediscover the Groovy FileTreeBuilder, for generating a file directory structure - and found out he had written it himself!. I had not seen it before, but can think of a couple of times it could have helped me in the past! Thank you Cedric for this!

The Grails Slack channel now have way more than 1500 members. If you still have not joined, you can do it at

Should Spock Framework have a real logo? Participate in the survey by Søren Berg Glasius, to determine if a Kickstarter project should be initiated.

Several great answers have been posted on Quora this week. Rob Fletcher has answered: What are some tips, tricks and gotchas when using Spock Framework for testing? , Robert Dobbes has replied to What are the pros and cons of Apache Groovy?, and Guilaume Laforge has taken care of What is the purpose of 'def ' in Groovy programming language?.

The Betamax project, started by Rob Fletcher, used for recording and replaying external Web APIs has a new website, and sees a bit of love from new contributors.

Ratpack 1.2.0 is now officially released, with lots of new inprovements described in the version description. The Ratpack team expects bi-monthly minor releases in the future, and the framework has reached 1000 stars on GitHub!

Craig Burke is taking on the Javascript dependency resolution war, with his Gradle plugin to install from Npm or Bower, without NodeJs, the documentation is at GitHub in the repo and the plugin is in the Gradle Plugin Portal

The "Java Testing with Spock" book by Konstantinos Kapelonis is close to the release on Amazon, and available for pre-order.

Oh, and so there should be no doubt: #unfollowdanveloper. Thank you Groovy Podcast for the reprimand.

The registration for the one day event: Warsaw GR8 Day is open


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Updated Grails 3 Plugins

  • wschat (3.014) Grails wschat plugin
  • quartz (2.0.6) Grails quartz plugin
  • slack (3.0.0) Grails Slack Integration Plugin
  • scaffolding (3.2.1) Grails scaffolding plugin

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • GR8 CRM Campaign Management User Interface This plugin is a companion plugin to crm-campaign, a plugin part of the GR8 CRM plugin suite. It contains a Twitter Bootstrap based user interface for campaign management.
  • GR8 CRM Campaign Services This plugin provide storage and services for managing campaigns in GR8 CRM based applications. A campaign is something that has a message and a target group, for example an email campaign, a product discount or a web site banner. Custom plugins can provide other campaign types with Grails artifacts.
  • UberDoc - Rest-API Documentation uberDoc is a very simple solution for creating API documentation based on annotations in domain objects and controllers, and Grails' messag

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