Grails Diary - Week 8 in 2016

29 February 2016

Groovy on Android seems to be picking up adoption! Andrew Reitz har released version 0.3.9 of the gradle-groovy-android-plugin enabling users to program Andrid apps in Groovy. This release deals with the interoperatability of tha Java and Groovy compilation. It is available on Bintray On Stack overflow, you should annotate your question with `groovy-android`.

If you are new to Groovy, Guillaume Laforge answer where you could start in this answer.

On the Groovy mailinglist, there has been a discussion on linking to blogs for documentation, especially for the blogs of MrHaki. As blogs does not originate from ASF, this could be seen as a problem, but MrHaki is solution oriented: "In the nearby future I certainly want to contribute to adding snippets to the existing Groovydoc sources." The full thread can be found here. This could be seen as a great opportunity for new contributions to Groovy: updating the documentation with samples from Groovy Goodness.

Graeme has added some nice documentation (not just because it is in AsciiDoctor format), to the JSON views available from Grails 3.1

Geb has been released with a bugfix version 0.13.1, handling a regression from 0.13.0, and a couple of concurrency issues, including one that speeds up tests run simultaneously.

In 2015, Iván López visited a large number of conferences, with excellent talks on Groovy, Spock and other topics. This year, the #IvánOnTour2016 caravan is rolling again! Iván has shared slides and code for "Fullstack Groovy Developer" and slides and code for "Metaprogramming with Groovy" both talks given at the ConFoo conference in Montreal.

Baruch hinted strongly about a couple of great surprises on Greachconf and GR8Conf EU. That is all I will tell here ;) But I think it is going to be Groovy!

If you are more fluent in Italian or Japanese than in English, I'm sorry for not advertising more for the translations of the Grails Diary! You can find the Italian translation at thanks to the great crew at Bmeweb. The Japanese translation is available at thanks to T.Yamamoto


Blogs, Articles, etc.

New Grails 3 Plugins

  • redis (2.0.4) Grails Redis plugin
  • elasticsearch (1.0.0) Elasticsearch is a search server based on Lucene. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web inter?
  • novamail (0.1.0) The Novamail plug-in provides e-mail sending and retrieving capabilities to a Grails application. It is also capable of sending emails asynchro?
  • grails-twilio (0.1.0) Provides SMS sending capabilities to a Grails application.

Updated Grails 3 Plugins

New Grails 2 Plugins

  • Favourite Plugin Adds support for favourites. Mark up any of your domain classes as having favourites.

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • CodeNarc plugin Runs CodeNarc static analysis rules for Groovy source.
  • iCalendar Plug-in This plugin contains a builder to easily convert your event into the iCalendar format. The plugin hooks replaces each render method that uses the contentType 'text/calendar'.
  • AngularJS Template Asset-Pipeline Plugin Provides AngularJS template support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.
  • Favourite Plugin Adds support for favourites. Mark up any of your domain classes as having favourites.
  • JavaMelody Grails Plugin Integrate JavaMelody Monitoring into grails application.
  • Redis Session Plugin Stores HTTP sessions in a Redis data store.
  • Grails Application Version Update Plugin Provides a more friendly way to update your application or plugin version.
  • Ajax Dependancy Selection Plugin Defines next auto completion/selection form field values ensuring it is bound on previous auto completed/selected form field. This can be used on two or more objects of hasMany and belongsTo. Provides: g:autocomplete, g:autoCompletePrimary, g:autoCompleteSecondary, g:autoCompleteSecondaryNR, g:selectPrimary, g:selectSecondary , g:selectSecondaryNR & g:selectController. g:selectAutoComplete and g:selectPrimaryNR. Now also supporting 1 object with multiple dependencies.

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