Grails Diary - Week 23 in 2016

13 June 2016

The Groovy ecosystem apparently did not need a week of rest and recovery after GR8Conf, as this weeks edition is packed with blogs, a great videoseries on Grails 3, a few releases and much more.

Just as promissed in the latest edition, Groovy 2.4.7 has now been officially released. The changelog show quite a few minor bugs have been resolved.
The fastest way to retrieve the new version is through SdkMan, but the Windows installer is available on Bintray. In the Tiobe index for June, Groovy is still placed nicely on position 26.

Paolo Di Tommaso have taken a look at Apache Spark, and found that it includes the full Apache Groovy runtime! This means Groovy apps run out of the box. You can find a comparison of Java and Groovy programs for counting the number of words at and GroovyWordCount.groovy. I like the readability of Groovy, and here is a great example comparing Java to Groovy.

The Shadow plugin for Gradle, which can create fat jars, have been documented a little better by John Engelman.

Gradle are ready with two new release candidates: 2-14-rc-6, which should be final within a day or two, and The first milestone for Gradle 3.0. In the blog Gradle 3.0 M1: Unleash the Daemon!, you can read about Kotlyn support and the daemon being default on.

The Grails Slack channel have surpassed 2000 members. It is quite active, and people are very helpfull. Find it at

Schalk W. Cronjé have released Groovyvfs, the Groovy DSL on top of Apache VFS2 in version 1.0. The documentation has also gotten a bt of attention and seems very elaborate.


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  • seed-me (3.0.6) Implements a standard convention for adding seed data to your application..
  • grails3-uploadr (3.1.0) Plugin to upload multiple files from a web page. Uses HTML5 and CSS3

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