Grails Diary - weeks 37-38 in 2016

27 September 2016

My favorite talk from GR8Conf EU this year is out on video, Marcin Zajaczkowski sharing "Interesting nooks and crannies of Spock you (may) have never seen before". Besides that, conference season is roaring, which generates lots of interesting content for this edition of the Grails Diary.

Best news in a long time! There is now a Grails 3 book underway. Eric Helgeson is working on Practical Grails 3. On the website, you can sign up for notification for when it is ready.

The Grails team have released Version 3.1.12 with bugfixes and minor improvements, and the Final release candidate before GA of version 3.2.0 (RC2).

The Geb Browser Automation project is nearing the 1.0 release, with the first release candidate. Compared to the latest version (0.13.1) it does not contain that many changes, but a few deprecated methods have been removed, resulting in potential breaking changes. You can find the announcement from Marcin Erdmann on the mailinglist, and the full list of changes in the Book of Geb

Ken Kousin and Baruch Sadogursky did an audio-only episode of the Groovy Podcast (Episode 33) from JavaOne, with interviews of Viktor Gamov, Cédric Champeau, and Andres Almiray, with a special appearance by El Groovissimo!

Guillaume wrote a blog on the interesting JavaOne talks, with quite a few presentations related to the Groovy ecosystem. The full list of recorded videos from JavaOne is here as a playlist, and the Groovy Ecosystem related ones can be found in the video section. Some of the slides have been shared, and are available here:

From the JDKIO conference, Andrey Adamovich have shared a couple of slide decks:

And Ivan Lopez presented "Testing with Spock - the Logical Choice", on the vJUG 24 hour event, and you can find the slides and the code . The video is inclued in the APAC part, but will be extracted to a separate video later

In general, I believe that Groovy helps developers write prettier code. In this example from Exceptional Condition it is definitely not the case.

Vladimír Oraný have updated the Groovy Spreadsheet Builder, to also have a query capability

Sergei Egorov invites you to participate in the proposal on Macro methods proposal for Apache Groovy, aimed to integrate groovy-macro-methods into the groovy-core.

Andrew Reitz is ready with version 1.1.0 of the groovy-android-gradle-plugin, having support for version 2.2.0 of Android Gradle Plugin. Grab it now from Bintray Groovy is used for the DSL for contract definitions, in the Spring Cloud Contract project, just released in version 1.0.0 Read the release message for more on the project, that aims at providing support for Consumer Driven Contracts and service schemas in Spring applications.

In Groovy 2.5, you'll be able to use annotations for parsing command-line args with CliBuilder, see the details in the docs for next version.

If you have some sparetime for listening to nerdy podcasts, I can recommend FuntimeException, featuring lots of known committers from the Groovy Ecosystem.

Have I missed something - very likely, but just check the incredible list of Groovy Projects: Awesome Groovy, maintained by Kunal Dabir.

Remember the Call for Papers are open for both GR8Conf India in January and GR8Conf EU in June. I managed to submit - you should do the same.


Podcasts and Videos of Presentations

Blogs, Articles, etc.

Updated Grails 3 Plugins

  • redis-gorm (6.0.0) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • cassandra (6.0.0) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • grails-views (1.1.0) Grails Views.
  • views-json-templates (1.1.0) Grails views-json-templates plugin.
  • views-gradle (1.1.0) Grails views-gradle plugin.
  • rxjava (1.0.0) A plugin that integrates Grails with RxJava.
  • neo4j (6.0.0) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • mongodb (6.0.0) GORM for MongoDB.
  • rx-mongodb (6.0.0) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • hibernate4 (6.0.0) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • hibernate5 (6.0.0) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • sentry ( Grails Sentry plugin.
  • external-config (1.0.0) Load configs with grails.config.locations like in Grails 2.x.
  • angular-scaffolding (1.0.1) Provides scaffolding for AngularJS 1.x applications.
  • remotessh (3.0.6) Grails RemoteSSH Plugin.
  • hibernate3 (5.0.12) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • karman-grails (0.10.0) Karman is a standardized / extensible interface plugin for dealing with various cloud services including Local, S3, and Openstack..
  • remora (1.0.1) Remora is a Grails Image / File Upload Plugin formally based on Selfie plugin. Use Remora to attach files to your domain models, upload to a CDN, validate content, produce thumbnails..
  • rx-gorm-rest-client (1.0.0.RC2) Provides a RxGORM Object Mapping implementation for communication with REST web services.
  • grails-google-visualization (2.2) Grails grails-google-visualization plugin.
  • seed-me (3.1.0) Implements a standard convention for adding seed data to your application...

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • Geb integration for Grails Integrates the geb functional testing framework
  • Novamail Plugin The Novamail plug-in provides e-mail sending and retrieving capabilities to a Grails application. It is also capable of sending emails asynchronously by using a scheduled Job.
  • demoplugin
  • Remote SSH Plugin Uses the Ganymed SSH-2 library to provide RemoteSSH, RemoteSCP, RemoteSCPDir, and RemoteSCPGet
  • Grails Partition Tests Plugin Allows for the division of Grails tests into partitions with a view to running each partition on a separate machine or process.

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