Grails Diary - weeks 42-43 in 2016

01 November 2016

Another couple of weeks have passed, and a new edition of the Grails Diary is ready, filled with new releases, lots of blogs and other news.

The Grails team is on a roll, and have released both versions 3.2.1, 3.2.2 and 3.1.13. The 3.2.1 release comes with GORM 6.0.2, builtin CORS support, an initial Angular 2 profile and Java 8 date types support via a plugin. The 3.2.2 and 3.1.13 releases removed a number of bugs.

The Ratpack team have released version 1.4.3, with fixes for a memory leak in error conditions, decrypting issue for client session and a race condition.

Daniel.Sun has done a great job on a new Groovy parser, which can support Java Lambdas. Read the update on the Groovy mailing list, that explains do-while loop, identical expression and more also is supported. Currently, discussions are taking place on the mailing list, on how and when to get it included. Groovy version 2.4.8 is close with quite a few bugs and features already in place, and a Beta of 2.5.0 in the making too.

The Gradle team are in a process to move their workflow into a more open and community friendly way, using GitHub Issues for Gradle. In the article, Eric Wendelin from Gradle explains how you can follow along in the priorities, and find issues that you can contribute on.
The Gradle team has also release both 3.2.0-RC1 and 3.2.0-RC2. You can take the release candidate for a spin using ./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=3.2-rc-2. Read more in the release notes

There is alse a couple of resources for Gradle ready. Andres Almiray has shared his slides from a presentation in The Illinois Java User’s Group: Making the Most of Your Gradle Build . For the list of plugins, Andres also have it available in the Awesome Gradle Plugins repository. Schalk W. Cronjé is giving a Gradle workshop at Devoxx Ma, and the repository with exercises DevoxxMA 2016 Gradle Workshop is available

CodeNarc, the static analysis tool for Groovy, is out with version 0.26, with a few rules updated. The Changelog tells which.

The is a repository with Exercism problems in Groovy by Katrina Owen, and feedback to a pull request moving to Spock is welcome.

For SdkMan, the initial support for JDKs will be rolled out on our beta channel soon. You can join the beta channel simply by updating a property in a configuration file.

Jaxenter is running a poll on "Which JVM languages ??do you use?", and as I write this, the top 5 looks like this:

But you can still vote up Groovy!

In Azerbaijan, in the grails-conference, one of the sessions were "Build Instagram with Grails in 60 Minutes!". See the result on and the code on Github.

In the grails-spring-security-core plugin, the getCurrentUser() is now deprecated and will be removed soon, replaced by a description on how to immplement it. Burts reason is to ensure users are aware of the database requests it creates.

Remember it is "call for paper" season. You can submit to GR8Conf India and GR8Conf EU and for Greach. If you just wish tickets, that is possible for GR8Conf India and Greach too.


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Updated Grails 3 Plugins

  • karman-grails (0.10.6) Karman is a standardized / extensible interface plugin for dealing with various cloud services including Local, S3, and Openstack..
  • org.grails.plugins:postgresql-extensions (4.6.7) This plugin provides hibernate user types to support for Postgresql Native Types like Array, HStore, JSON,… as well as new criterias to query this native types..
  • sentry ( Grails Sentry plugin.
  • sass-asset-pipeline (2.11.6) Provides fast and easy .sass and .scss file support for Transpiling to CSS. This plugin takes advantage of jsass and libsass for maximum performance..
  • less-asset-pipeline (2.11.6) LESS Compiler for the Asset-Pipeline.
  • handlebars-asset-pipeline (2.11.6) Provides native Handlebars file support in the asset-pipeline. Easily convert .hbs or .handlebars files into javascript template caches for use with the handlebars runtime..
  • ember-asset-pipeline (2.11.6) Compiles hbs or handlebars files for the asset-pipeline into the Ember.TEMPLATES cache.
  • compass-asset-pipeline (2.11.6) Provides Compass/SCSS Build support using the jruby runtime. Any compass project can be adjusted to be built by the asset-pipeline and used in applications..
  • coffee-asset-pipeline (2.11.6) Easily process coffee-script files with the asset-pipeline plugin. Package includes both jvm coffee runtime as well as the ability to use the coffeescript npm module if detected..
  • asset-pipeline-grails (2.11.6) The Asset-Pipeline is a plugin used for managing and processing static assets in Grails applications. Asset-Pipeline functions include processing and minification of both CSS and JavaScript files. It is also capable of being extended to compile custom static assets, such as CoffeeScript..
  • database-migration (3.0.0) Grails database-migration plugin.
  • jaxrs-swagger-ui (3.0.4) Integrates the Swagger UI with applications using JAX-RS resources..
  • jaxrs-jersey1 (3.0.4) The jaxrs project is a set of Grails plugins that supports the development of RESTful web services based on the Java API for RESTful Web Services. The jaxrs-jersey1 plugin implements the Jersey 1.x JAX-RS implementation..
  • jaxrs-restlet (3.0.4) The jaxrs project is a set of Grails plugins that supports the development of RESTful web services based on the Java API for RESTful Web Services. The jaxrs-restlet plugin implements the Restlet JAX-RS implementation..
  • jaxrs-integration-test (3.0.4) The jaxrs project is a set of Grails plugins that supports the development of RESTful web services based on the Java API for RESTful Web Services. The jaxrs-integration-test plugin provides classes to help with integration testing..
  • jaxrs-core (3.0.4) The jaxrs project is a set of Grails plugins that supports the development of RESTful web services based on the Java API for RESTful Web Services. The jaxrs-core plugin provides the main functionality of the plugin. This plugin does not include an implementing JAX-RS servlet provider, however, so one of the implementation plugins should be included in projects instead..
  • selfie (1.1.0) Selfie is a Grails Image / File Upload Plugin. Use Selfie to attach files to your domain models, upload to a CDN, validate content, produce thumbnails..
  • grails3-cors-interceptor (v1.2.1) Add Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers for Grails 3 applications..
  • jesque-admin (0.5.0) Admin UI for the Grails Jesque Plugin.
  • grails-java8 (1.1.0) Provides support for Java 8 specific features in Grails.
  • rx-gorm-rest-client (1.0.2.RELEASE) Provides a RxGORM Object Mapping implementation for communication with REST web services.
  • cassandra (6.0.3) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • neo4j (6.0.3) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • rx-mongodb (6.0.3) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • mongodb (6.0.3) GORM for MongoDB.
  • grails-views (1.1.2) Grails Views.
  • views-json-templates (1.1.2) Grails views-json-templates plugin.
  • views-gradle (1.1.2) Grails views-gradle plugin.
  • hibernate4 (6.0.3) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • hibernate5 (6.0.3) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • distributed-lock (3.0.7) This plugin provides a framework and interface for a synchronization mechanism distributed to multiple server instances. In today's world of horizontal computational scale and massive concurrency, it becomes increasingly difficult to synchronize operations outside the context of a single computational space (server/process). This plugin aims to make that easier by providing a simple service to facilitate this, as well as defining an interface for adding low level providers..
  • view-tools (0.4) ViewResourceLocator for locating views in grails-app/views.
  • queuekit (1.9) Queuekit is a plugin for grails which uses TaskExecutor with Spring Events for grails 2 and for grails 3 using default `Reactor` events to manage concurrent submitted reports..
  • facebook-sdk (2.7.1) Grails Facebook SDK plugin.
  • aws-sdk-kinesis (2.0.5) Grails AWS SDK Kinesis plugin.
  • aws-sdk-sns (2.0.3) Grails AWS SDK SNS plugin.
  • aws-sdk-ses (2.0.2) Grails AWS SDK SES plugin.
  • aws-sdk-s3 (2.0.3) Grails AWS SDK S3 plugin.
  • aws-sdk-dynamodb (2.0.2) Grails AWS SDK DynamoDB plugin.
  • aws-sdk-sqs (2.0.7) Grails AWS SDK SQS plugin.
  • org.grails.plugins:grails-aws (2.0.4) Grails AWS Plugin.
  • hibernate-search (2.0.3) This plugin aims to integrate Hibernate Search features to Grails in very few steps..

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • CodeNarc plugin Runs CodeNarc static analysis rules for Groovy source.
  • View Tools Plugin ViewResourceLocator for locating views in grails-app/views, plugins, and custom external paths. Also GrailsWebEnvironment for binding a mock request is one doesn't exist so that services can operate without a controller.
  • queuekit plugin Queuekit plugin provides you with various ways of calling on TaskExecutor and specifically it's underlying queuing mechanism to control the creation of reports on your grails application. Queuekit can help whether you are using the existing grails export plugin or you manually produce csv,tsv or maybe even rely on apache-poi or it's likes to produce xls files as per user request. With this plugin you can change the process of files produces as requested to files produced when there is an availab...
  • Karman Plugin Karman is a standardized / extensible interface plugin for dealing with various cloud services including Local and S3.
  • BoSelecta: websocket multi-select/autoComplete domainClasses Default WebSocket used to query given domain classes with Unlimited depth of relationship + unlimited direct relationships. Either as dependent multi-select or autoComplete or maybe combination.

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