Grails Diary - weeks 44-45 in 2016

15 November 2016

Increadibly enough, it is already a year since Groovy graduated as a top level project in the Apache Software Foundation. Besides this aniversary, this edition is packed with new releases and lots of references to blogs.

The Grails team have released versions 3.2.3 and 3.1.14. Noteable addition in the 3.2.3 version is the return of the Grails Wrapper, but quite a few minor issues have also been resolved.

The Ratpack team have resolved a memory leak issue, and recommends everone to ugrade to the new 1.4.4 release

The engineers at Gradle have been busy the last couple of weeks, and besides a couple of release candidates, they are ready with Gradle 3.2. The biggest news are the deprecation of the leftshift operator (<<) for defining tasks, incremental build improvements, faster IDE import, Ctrl-C not stopping the Daemon on first run and build dependents for native.

Ivan Lopez have updated the Grails Postgres Extension plugin, with a new cool feature, where criteria queries for Json data can be created using a pgJson object.

The Spock testing framework has a new release candidate for 1.1-rc-3. This release adds support for ByteBuddy as an alternative to cglib for generating mocks and stubs for classes.

Version 0.9 of GrooCSS has been released, with support for saturate, desaturate, fadein, fadeout, fade and more. Checkout more at

Sergio del Amo has, besides two excellent editions of the newsletter, given Groovy Calamari a new and updated logo.

Hubert Klein Ikkink aka MrHaki, the master of helpfull blogs, have updated two of his notebooks: The Ratpacked Notebook and the Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook. Thank you Hubert for always having a tailor made example ready, when searching for something on Google!

Jenn Strater, who is in Denmark on a Fulbright Grant, has an update on the status of her program.

Next sunday, the planning committee for GR8Conf EU are meeting up. If you have any inut, you are welcome to let us know. Before EU, the GR8Conf India is approaching, with two weeks left of Early Bird Tickets.


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Updated Grails 3 Plugins

  • jms (2.0.0.RC1) Grails jms plugin.
  • audit-logging (2.0.2) Grails 3.x Audit-Logging Plugin..
  • aws-sdk-s3 (2.0.6) Grails AWS SDK S3 plugin.
  • grails-isomorphic (1.0) Grails Isomorphic Rendering Plugin.
  • selfie (1.1.1) Selfie is a Grails Image / File Upload Plugin. Use Selfie to attach files to your domain models, upload to a CDN, validate content, produce thumbnails..
  • postgresql-extensions (5.0.0) This plugin provides hibernate user types to support for Postgresql Native Types like Array, HStore, JSON,… as well as new criterias to query this native types..
  • cassandra (6.0.4) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • rx-gorm-rest-client (1.0.3.RELEASE) Provides a RxGORM Object Mapping implementation for communication with REST web services.
  • redis-gorm (6.0.4) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • neo4j (6.0.4) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • aws-sdk-ses (2.0.4) Grails AWS SDK SES plugin.
  • aws-sdk-sns (2.0.5) Grails AWS SDK SNS plugin.
  • aws-sdk-sqs (2.0.9) Grails AWS SDK SQS plugin.
  • newrelic (3.33.0) Grails NewRelic plugin.
  • mongodb (6.0.4) GORM for MongoDB.
  • rx-mongodb (6.0.4) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • hibernate4 (6.0.4) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • hibernate5 (6.0.4) GORM - Grails Data Access Framework.
  • aws-sdk-kinesis (2.0.6) Grails AWS SDK Kinesis plugin.
  • aws-sdk-dynamodb (2.0.3) Grails AWS SDK DynamoDB plugin.
  • jesque-admin (0.6.5) Admin UI for the Grails Jesque Plugin.
  • rxjava (1.0.1) A plugin that integrates Grails with RxJava.
  • view-tools (0.5) ViewResourceLocator for locating views in grails-app/views.
  • queuekit (1.10) Queuekit is a plugin for grails which uses TaskExecutor with Spring Events for grails 2 and for grails 3 using default `Reactor` events to manage concurrent submitted reports..

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

  • Plastic Criteria Plugin Mock Grails Criteria for Unit Tests
  • ReCaptcha support for Grails. Protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease. Version 1.0 of this plugin introduces support for the new "checkbox" ReCaptcha. Please use an older version if you require the legacy funct
  • Audit Logging Plugin
  • List dependency versions List all dependency versions used by your app.
  • Grails Postgresql Extensions Plugin This plugin provides hibernate user types to support for Postgresql Native Types like Array, HStore, JSON,… as well as new criterias to query this native types
  • queuekit plugin Queuekit plugin provides you with various ways of calling on TaskExecutor and specifically it's underlying queuing mechanism to control the creation of reports on your grails application. Queuekit can help whether you are using the existing grails export plugin or you manually produce csv,tsv or maybe even rely on apache-poi or it's likes to produce xls files as per user request. With this plugin you can change the process of files produces as requested to files produced when there is an availab...

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