Grails Diary - weeks 46-47 in 2016

29 November 2016

The G3 Summit has just started, so I expect the next edition to be loaded with news from that event. I'm not attending, and are instead enjoying(?) the cold Danish weather. Luckily, there are lots of blogs from Mr. Haki to keep everyone warm and Groovy.

Daniel Sun has made nice progres on the new Groovy parser, and is asking for input to new features, that you would like to see in Groovy 3. Check the Twitter thread here, where you can find some interesting sugguestions.

David Clark is the man behind a "new generation" of the Groovy HTTPBuilder: http-builder-ng. It does break backwards compatibility, as it is a complete rewrite of the old HTTPBuilder. Several resources are available:


The @ApacheGroovy Twitter account have crossed 2000 followers. It is an excellent source for announcements from the Groovy Ecosystem.

Mr Haki has updated three more of his notebooks: Groovy Goodness Notebook, Grails Goodness Notebook and Gradle Goodness Notebook.

In the beta channel for SDKman, you can now install and switch between Java versions from the command line. To join the beta channel, all you need to do is include "sdkman_beta_channel=true" in the file "~/.sdkman/etc/config", and update using "sdk selfupdate force". Then you can use "sdk install java 8u111".

In the next version of Grails, type checked and CompileStatic GSPs will be possible! Lari Hotari has a bit of explanation in the commit description.

Graeme Rocher here demoes impressive coding skills: In order to support Hibernate 5.2 he used Javassist to generate a class that generates Javassist proxies. See the commit at the gorm-hibernate5 repo.

Gradle 3.2.1 has been released, solving a wrapper regressions that prevent some builds from starting. Upgrading is advised, with a few instructions on regenerating the wrapper.

The Groovy community on Slack is quite active. Join the conversation on

Paul King attended ApacheCon as a speaker, and his slides are available:

Sergio del Amo has also shared slides on Scraping with Geb: Arañas, Webbots y Scrapers con Web


Please let Ken and Baruch know if you are listening to the Groovy Podcast, as they still claim to have only 4 listener. I'm one of the 4, and looking forward to a G3 Summit edition! The latest edition: Groovy Podcast Ep 37

I just participated in a planning session for GR8Conf EU, and I can reveal a couple of things: Jenn Strater has joined the planning committee and it has potential to become the best GR8Conf EU ever!



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Updated Grails 3 Plugins

  • aws-sdk-kinesis (2.0.7) Grails AWS SDK Kinesis plugin.
  • excel-export (2.0.2) This plugin helps you export data in Excel (xlsx) format, using Apache POI..
  • sass-asset-pipeline (2.12.0) Provides fast and easy .sass and .scss file support for Transpiling to CSS. This plugin takes advantage of jsass and libsass for maximum performance..
  • less-asset-pipeline (2.12.0) LESS Compiler for the Asset-Pipeline.
  • handlebars-asset-pipeline (2.12.0) Provides native Handlebars file support in the asset-pipeline. Easily convert .hbs or .handlebars files into javascript template caches for use with the handlebars runtime..
  • ember-asset-pipeline (2.12.0) Compiles hbs or handlebars files for the asset-pipeline into the Ember.TEMPLATES cache.
  • compass-asset-pipeline (2.12.0) Provides Compass/SCSS Build support using the jruby runtime. Any compass project can be adjusted to be built by the asset-pipeline and used in applications..
  • coffee-asset-pipeline (2.12.0) Easily process coffee-script files with the asset-pipeline plugin. Package includes both jvm coffee runtime as well as the ability to use the coffeescript npm module if detected..
  • asset-pipeline-grails (2.12.0) The Asset-Pipeline is a plugin used for managing and processing static assets in Grails applications. Asset-Pipeline functions include processing and minification of both CSS and JavaScript files. It is also capable of being extended to compile custom static assets, such as CoffeeScript..
  • sentry ( Grails Sentry plugin.
  • karman-grails (0.10.7) Karman is a standardized / extensible interface plugin for dealing with various cloud services including Local, S3, and Openstack..
  • rabbitmq-native (3.3.2) A messaging plugin for Grails 3 using RabbitMQ. This plugin gives application authors a powerful framework to quickly get a scalable messaging solution running quickly..
  • alexa-skills (0.1.2) This is a Grails 3.x plugin to help make Amazon Alexa Skills / Speechlets.
  • cxf (3.1.0) Grails CXF Plugin.
  • views-json-templates (1.2.0.M2) Grails views-json-templates plugin.
  • grails-views (1.2.0.M2) Grails Views.
  • views-gradle (1.2.0.M2) Grails views-gradle plugin.
  • jesque (1.2.0) Grails Jesque Plugin.

Updated Grails 2 Plugins

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