Grails Diary - Week 11 in 2014

17 March 2014

Gr8conf Europe have started to announce the speakers for the conference this June. Cédric Champeau, Marco Vermeulen, Jorge Franco, Hubert Klein Ikkink (MrHaki), Ryan Vanderwerf, Andres Almiray, Lari Hotari, Álvaro Sánchez, Jochen Theodorou, Burt Beckwith, and Guillaume Laforge are all confirmed, and more will be added soon. There are very few doorbusted tickets available as of this writing, check here, when they are gone, the price will rise, but still be "early bird". If you can't wait for GR8conf, there are still tickets available for Greach in the end of this month!

After quite some time, it was desided that Grails will not support Osgi. To quote Graeme Rocher: "OSGi as a technology is going nowhere and introduces huge amounts of complexity, something which we do not need. There is a need to modularise applications, but that should be done in a micro-services approach, which is something we would like to support."

I'll be at Greach in the end of March. Catch me if you have comments or suggestions for the Grails Diary, or just wish to chat :)

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New Plugins

  • Geocode Plugin Uses the Google maps web service to perform address geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • camunda Grails Plugin This plugin integrates the camunda BPM platform with Grails. camunda BPM is a flexible framework for workflow and process automation. It's core is a native BPMN 2.0 process engine that runs inside the Java Virtual Machine. It is a perfect match for the Spring Framework - and therefore for Grails, too.
  • Groovy Template Grails Asset Pipeline Plugin Provides Groovy Template support (including Grails Config access) to asset pipeline js/css files
  • Grails Angularjs Plugin Downloads AngularJS files and makes them available to both the asset-pipeline and resources plugins. Because the AngularJS files to download are defined in Config.groovy, they can be upgraded and downgraded as needed without changing the plugin version.
  • Shiro CAS Plugin Enables Grails applications to use JASIG CAS for single sign-on with Apache Shiro
  • Mailing List Plugin Schedule emails to a mailing group or to a person using dynamic quartz scheduling. Schedules stored within DB and upon application restart incomplete or future schedules are re-added to quartz queue.
  • Grails Tattletale Plugin Grails plugin that adds support for generating JBoss Tattletale reports. For more information, see
  • Asual Lesscss Resources Plugin This plugin supports server-side compilation of .less CSS files to their .css counterparts. Less compiler based on asual lesscss

Updated Plugins

  • Api Toolkit The Grails API Toolkit simplifies api development within Grails while adding in much needed functionality such as apidocs, real time notifications/webhooks, role checking and more. The Api Toolkit is meant to provide all the tools you need in a simplified manner to get up and running with your api without spending days trying to configure and setup.
  • Asset Pipeline Plugin The Asset-Pipeline is a plugin used for managing and processing static assets in Grails applications. Asset-Pipeline functions include processing and minification of both CSS and JavaScript files. It is also capable of being extended to compile custom static assets, such as CoffeeScript.
  • Jasper Plugin Adds easy support for launching jasper reports from GSP pages. After installing, run your application and request (app-url)/jasper/demo for a demonstration and instructions.
  • Plugin The Plugin allows your Grails application to use lets you send your analytics data to any service you want, without you having to integrate with each one individually.
  • Recurly Plugin The Recurly Plugin allows you to integrate Recurly subscription billing.
  • LESS Asset-Pipeline Plugin Provides LESS support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.
  • Xss Sanitizer Plugin Grails plugin for sanitizing XSS from the user input. This plugin uses OWASP ESAPI library to sanitize request parameters. This reduces the risk of dangerous XSS request parameters possibly being rendered on the client.
  • Handlebars Resources Plugin This plug-in supports using Handlebars.js templates with the Grails Resources Plugin. This plugin includes a resource mapper that will precompile the template files into JavaScript and make it available for other resource processing, including minification and bundling. The Handlebars.js resource files are also included.
  • Dynamic Db Config Property Plugin This plugin provides your application the ability to change the config properties without restarting the application. The values in Config.groovy are persisted in database and a set of interfaces manages frequently-used properties.
  • Security Bridge Plugin Defines a standard corss-plugin security bridge implementation for better decoupling of authentication in plugin heavy applications.
  • Sentry Client Plugin Sentry Client for Grails
  • Foundation CSS Framework for Grails Provides the Foundation CSS framework resources. Foundation is an easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device. It integrates nicely with the resources plugin.
  • Karman Plugin Karman is a standardized / extensible interface plugin for dealing with various cloud services including Local and S3.
  • Retina Tag Plugin Adds retina resolution image tag support for asset-pipeline.
  • Hibernate 4 for Grails Provides integration between Grails and Hibernate 4 through GORM

Interesting Tweets

Conferences and meetups

G48, global, TBD
Greach, Madrid - Spain, March 28th -29th, 2014.
GR8conf Europe, Copenhagen - Denmark, June 2nd -4th, 2014.
SOTR - Scotch on the Rocks, Edinburg, June 5th - 6th, 2014
GR8conf US, Minneapolis - USA, July 28th-29th, 2014.
SpringOne 2GX 2014, Dallas - USA, September 8th - 11th, 2014 (CFP, until April 30th).
Groovy Grails Exchange, London - GB, December 12th - 13th, 2014