Grails Diary - Week 17 in 2014

28 April 2014

This past week featured a new release of Grails, now in version 2.3.8 and a second milestone release for Grails 2.4. Version 2.4 includes Groovy 2.3, Spring 4.0.3 and Hibernate 4.3.5, the asset-pipeline plugin as default and lots of other features.

The Groovy team is working hard, and have both the first and second release candidate available, making an official release likely within the comming week. Guillaume blogs about the new features here, which includes simplified semantics for traits, stackable traits and a new @Builder AST to generate builders for immutable classes. and ironing out a few bugs from the first in this second release candidate.

The Grails Podcast aired a new episode, now with video, where Peter Ledbrook and Glen Smith discusses all the news from the Groovy community.

The GR8conf eu crew has been busy organising the conference and brewing the beers for the meet n' greet. This year there will be four different beers, and you can help name one of them. The agenda is almost complete - now including Claus Ibsen (Apache Camel), and the tickets are available here.

Other new releases includes Gradle releasing version 1.12, static analysis tool CodeNarc releasing version 0.21 and the GPars framework releasing version 1.2


Videos of presentations

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New Plugins

  • Bulk Data Imports Plugin Bulk Data Imports Plugin simplifies importing of bulk data via file uploads Default support for CSV and domain classes
  • Restapidoc Plugin a RESTful API documentation plugin for the Grails web application framework. Very much inspired by Swagger API documentation, this plugin reuses the available information of Grails Domain classes and Controllers to minimize documentation effort and to improve consistency.
  • Url Without Scheme Validator Plugin The Url Without Scheme Validator Plugin allows to use custom validator that validates the URLs but - different than standard validator - does not care if the scheme (ex. http, ftp) is provided or not. Moreover, it can be used like "first-class", built-in validator.
  • Time Series Elastic Search Plugin Elastic Search implementation of time series.
  • Time Series GORM Plugin GORM implementation of time series.
  • Time Series Plugin Provides a simplified service for reading/writing timeseries data and storing it in a variety of time resolutions. Read method output is intended to support javascript charting libraries. The plugin defines an interface for pluggable storage providers and includes an implementation in-memory storage provider

Updated Plugins

  • Asset Pipeline Plugin The Asset-Pipeline is a plugin used for managing and processing static assets in Grails applications. Asset-Pipeline functions include processing and minification of both CSS and JavaScript files. It is also capable of being extended to compile custom static assets, such as CoffeeScript.
  • Karman Plugin Karman is a standardized / extensible interface plugin for dealing with various cloud services including Local and S3.
  • AWS SDK Plugin The AWS SDK Plugin allows your Grails application to use the Amazon Web Services infrastructure services. It provides simple wrapper service around the official AWS SDK
  • Facebook SDK Plugin The Facebook SDK Plugin allows your Grails application to use the Facebook Platform and develop Facebook apps on or on web sites (with Facebook Connect). It is a port of the official Facebook PHP SDK V3.1.1 to Grails 2.0.
  • CodeNarc plugin Runs CodeNarc static analysis rules for Groovy source.
  • Cache Plugin Grails Cache Plugin
  • Arrested Plugin Generates RESTful controllers for domain classes and maps them in UrlMappings, generates single-page AngularJS-based views, and provides simple token-based security
  • Catharsis Web Widgets Catharsis.Grails.Widgets is a Grails 2 tag library, which provides useful social media tags to include on web pages of y
  • MongoDB GORM A plugin that integrates the Mongo document datastore into Grails, providing a GORM API onto it
  • Audit Logging Plugin Automatically log change events for domain objects. The Audit Logging plugin additionally adds an instance hook to domain objects that allows you to hangAudit events off of them. The events include onSave, onChange, and onDelete. When called, the event handlers have access to oldObj and newObj definitions that will allow you to take action on what has changed.
  • Spring Websocket Plugin Spring Websocket Plugin
  • Cxf Client - Support for Soap Service Endpoints Used for easily calling soap web services. Provides wsdl2java grails target to easily generate code into src/java from configured cxf clients. Ability to dynamically update endpoint at runtime.
  • Functional Testing Simple 'pure grails' functional testing for your web applications
  • camunda Grails Plugin This plugin integrates the camunda BPM platform with Grails. camunda BPM is a flexible framework for workflow and process automation. It's core is a native BPMN 2.0 process engine that runs inside the Java Virtual Machine. It is a perfect match for the Spring Framework - and therefore for Grails, too.
  • Hibernate 3 for Grails Provides integration between Grails and Hibernate 3 through GORM
  • Hibernate 4 for Grails Provides integration between Grails and Hibernate 4 through GORM
  • Redis Plugin The Redis plugin provides integration with a Redis datastore. Redis is a lightning fast 'data structure server'. The plugin enables a number of memoization techniques to cache results from complex operations in Redis.
  • Spring Security REST Plugin Implements authentication for REST APIs based on Spring Security. It uses a token-based workflow
  • Api Toolkit The Grails API Toolkit is a complete set of API tools and an API abstraction layer that automates alot of the tasks needed to build your API like api docs, real time notifications / webhooks, generated headers, responsive content type and more. This also abstracts the API away from the Controller/model with a more universal API Object that can be defined with roles, rules and definitions for handling the request and response at the front controller.
  • RESTful API Plugin The resful-api plugin facilitates exposing a non-trivial, versioned RESTful API. The plugin provides a DSL that may be used to declaratively specify how resources should be marshalled. Please see the for details.
  • Scala Plugin Compiles Scala sources located under src/scala and src/java before grails kicks in with the grails compilation
  • Grails Postgresql Extensions Plugin This plugin provides support for Postgresql Native Types like Arrays, HStores, JSON,…
  • Grails Database Migration Plugin Grails Database Migration Plugin
  • Grails Flyway 2 Plugin Adds support for Flyway 2

Interesting Tweets

Conferences and meetups

GR8conf Europe, Copenhagen - Denmark, June 2nd -4th, 2014.
SOTR - Scotch on the Rocks, Edinburg, June 5th - 6th, 2014
Gradle Summit, Santa Clara, USA, june 12th - 13th, 2014
GR8conf US, Minneapolis - USA, July 28th-29th, 2014.
SpringOne 2GX 2014, Dallas - USA, September 8th - 11th, 2014.
Groovy Grails Exchange, London - GB, December 12th - 13th, 2014
G48, global, TBD