Grails Diary - Week 39 in 2014

30 September 2014

The Groovy team released Groovy version 2.3.7 this week, with release notes here. There are bugfixes handling traits and AST's, and a rewrite of the JsonBuilder implementation.

In the Grails community, there has been released 4 new plugins, and a lot have been updated!

The large JavaOne conference is taking place in San Fransisco, and Cédric Champeau already have posted the slides for Rethinking API design with traits in Groovy. I'm guessing we will hear a lot more buzz from the conference in next weeks diary. Guillaume has posted slides for Groovy on Android from DroidCon in Paris.

Jorge Franco has added an example on how to do the same in Groovy with Grooscript as you can do with react.js, see it at Reacting with grooscript.


Blogs, Articles, etc.

New Plugins

  • Hibernate Metrics Reports simple application performance metrics using the Hibernate Statistics API. Provides timing information, queries run, collections and entities loaded, as well as transaction and flush counts.
  • Cache Filesystem Plugin A filesystem implementation of the Cache plugin
  • JGit Plugin Creates a wrapper around the JGit library.
  • Likeable Plugin Adds like functionality to domain classes. A light version of Rateable plugin

Updated Plugins

  • Grails Application Version Update Plugin Provides a more friendly way to update your application or plugin version.
  • Bruteforce Defender Plugin Plugin adds functionality of blocking user account after a configured number of failed login, thus countering brute-force attacks. Plugin is working on top of configured Spring Security Core plugin with its UserDetails.
  • Resources HTML resource management enhancements to replace g.resource etc.
  • Little Goblin Plugin Little Goblin is a browser game framework written in Grails.
  • Easygrid Plugin Provides a declarative way of defining Data Grids. It works currently with jqGrid, google visualization and jquery dataTables. Out of the box it provides sorting, filtering, exporting and inline edit just by declaring a grid in a controller and adding a tag to your gsp. It also provides a powerful selection widget ( a direct replacement for drop-boxes )
  • Atmosphere Meteor Plugin This plugin incorporates the Atmosphere Framework, which includes client and server-side components for building asynchronous web applications.
  • I18nEnums Grails Plugin Adds an enumeration usable on Enums to easy add and implement the MessageSourceResolvable interface
  • Websocket Chat Plugin Default WebSocket Multi-chat room plugin, supports Admin privilages, kicking banning users. Webcam support for chrome/firefox.
  • RestApiDoc Plugin The RestApiDoc plugin allows to document your Grails Rest API. Thanks to some Annotations (@), you will be ready to build a full API report (with a playground to perform test request). The plugin is based on
  • SeedMe Plugin Implements a standard convention for adding seed data to your application.
  • AngularJS Annotate Asset-Pipeline Plugin Provides AngularJS dependency injection annotation support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.
  • Wro4j Grails Plugin Web Resource Optimizer for Grails
  • Swaggydoc Plugin Uses swagger to document Grails Controllers
  • Cache Plugin Grails Cache Plugin
  • j2ssh SSH Plugin Uses the j2ssh library to provide ssh access via web interface.You can either use default Websockets method which is a live interaction with your backend ssh connection(s) or use ajax polling which only supports 1 concurrent connection at any one time.
  • Drop Box Plugin for Grails Adds integration with the DropBox API. Here with this plugin you can use all DropBox services within from your Grails application
  • Content Management User Interface for GR8 CRM This plugin provide user interface for administration of content in GR8 CRM.Content can be any type of media like plain text, Microsoft Word, PDF, and images.Content can be stored in folders or attached to any type of domain instance.This plugin depends on the base plugin crm-content that provide low level content services.
  • Content Management Services for GR8 CRM This plugin provide storage and services for managing content in GR8 CRM applications.Content can be any type of media like plain text, Microsoft Word, PDF, and images.Content can be stored in folders or attached to domain instances.Content can be shared with users of the application or shared publicly to the world.
  • Ajax Dependancy Selection Plugin Defines next auto completion/selection form field values ensuring it is bound on previous auto completed/selected form field. This can be used on two or more objects of hasMany and belongsTo. Provides: g:autocomplete, g:autoCompletePrimary, g:autoCompleteSecondary, g:autoCompleteSecondaryNR, g:selectPrimary, g:selectSecondary , g:selectSecondaryNR & g:selectController. g:selectAutoComplete and g:selectPrimaryNR. Now also supporting 1 object with multiple dependencies.
  • Grails Admin Interface Grails Admin allows you to easily create an administration back-office with default styles and operations. You cand extend and configure this administrator to improve the experience of your
  • Vaadin 7 Plugin Grails plugin integrating Vaadin 7 into the Grails project.
  • Hystrix Circuit Breaker Plugin Hystrix is awesome, this is an attempt to make it easy to use for a Grails application
  • Jasper Plugin Adds easy support for launching jasper reports from GSP pages. After installing, run your application and request (app-url)/jasper/demo for a demonstration and instructions.
  • Ehcache Cache Plugin An Ehcache-based implementation of the Cache plugin
  • jQuery UI Plugin Simply supplies jQuery UI resources, depends on jQuery plugin. Use this plugin to avoid resource duplication and conflicts.

Interesting Tweets


Conferences and meetups

Gr8Ladies Monthly Meetup, Minneapolis, USA, October 6th, 2014
Silicon Valley Groovy/Grails Centro: Web Application Security - Micro or Macro: don't get hacked,San Fransisco , USA, October 9th, 2014
Bangalore Groovy Grails Meetup: Introduction to Grails - Hands on , Bangalore, India, October 18th, 2014
Groovy Grails Exchange, London - GB, December 12th - 13th, 2014 (CFP until Sep. 22nd.)
G48, global, TBD
GR8conf Europe, Copenhagen - Denmark, June 2nd -4th, 2015.
Gradle Summit 2015, Santa Clara, CA, June 11-12, 2015.
SpringOne 2GX 2015, Washington - USA, September 14th - 17th, 2014.