Grails Diary - Week 40 in 2014

05 October 2014

We have entered a new month, and this means a new Ratpack release, this time version 0.9.9. It includes many breaking changes, as the minimum JDk version is now 8. It also includes integration to Spring Boot.

Griffon has been officially released in version 2.0.0. Notice that currently, you can access the new documentation at, and the old (for 1.5.0) at

Guillaume has posted the slides from his talks at Java One: Groovy in the light of Java 8 and Groovy in 2014 and beyond. I'm guessing Guillaume will write a bit more from the conference in the Groovy Weekly Newsletter.

Slides by Bill James of the San Diego Groovy Grails Group on what he learned from SpringOne 2GX have been shared here

Dierk König explains that Groovy in Action 2.0 is almost finished! It has been EAP for quite some time :)

Finally, as the very first Grails Diary post was in week 41 of last year, this weeks edition completes a full year of Grails Diaries!


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Conferences and meetups

Gr8Ladies Monthly Meetup, Minneapolis, USA, October 6th, 2014
Silicon Valley Groovy/Grails Centro: Web Application Security - Micro or Macro: don't get hacked,San Fransisco , USA, October 9th, 2014
Groovy Grails Exchange, London - GB, December 12th - 13th, 2014 (CFP until Sep. 22nd.)
G48, global, TBD
GR8conf Europe, Copenhagen - Denmark, June 2nd -4th, 2015.
Gradle Summit 2015, Santa Clara, CA, June 11-12, 2015.
SpringOne 2GX 2015, Washington - USA, September 14th - 17th, 2014.