Grails Diary - Week 9 in 2015

02 March 2015

What a week: A cornucopia of releases and news!

The Grails team has fixed a lot of issues, and are ready with the next milestone of Grails 3.0.0 - M2. The documentation has been updated, and an important chapter added: Upgrading applications and plugins from Grails 2.x

A correction from the last diary: the grails website is build with grails, and only some parts are static, to enable easier contributions. Graeme has an update on the Grails Project Infrastructure.

Congrats to Guillaume Laforge, on his new job at Restlet to Lead API Development Tools. InfoQ already have an interview with Guillaume.

Spock framework has finally been released in version 1.0! The release notes describes the updates, including a new restyled Asciidoctor look and feel to the documentation. You can even follow @spockframework on twitter. Great work Peter Niederwieser and the Spockframework team!

Gvm has hit 100.000 installs, and auto-updated itself to GVM 2.2.1!. Congrats to Marco (buuy that man a beer!). Of course Grails version 3.0-M2 is available at GVM :)

The Griffon team has been busy this week, releasing Griffon_2.2.0. The first tutorials are available too! In doubt why you should use Griffon for your next desktop application: Read 'Why Griffon'

Craig Burke has released the Groovy Document Builder, for generating word and pdf documents in version 0.2.3 now under the MPL2 license.

Benoit Hediard shared a script on how to deploy a Grails application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk from Travis CI:

The Ratpack team was ready with the March release, version 0.9.14

The Geb mailing list has moved to Google Groups:, due to Codehaus is closing down soon.


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New Plugins

  • Simple Marshaller Plugin Grails plugin to customize object marshalling for JSON and XML.
  • uws-jOOQ Plugin Integrates jOOQ library into Grails development process
  • Redis Etag Plugin Works in pair with the Grails cache-headers plugin, providing a solution to generate, store and retrieve ETag values in Redis, avoiding DB hits. Redis is thus used as a central cache for ETags, and the plugin can be used by multiple instances of the same application that will share the same "ETag repository".
  • es6to5-asset-pipeline Provides Ecmascript 6 support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.

Updated Plugins

  • SeedMe Plugin Implements a standard convention for adding seed data to your application.
  • Grailsflow GrailsFlow is an open source Workflow and Process Engine.
  • Grails Pjax Plugin Grails Pjax Plugin: more easy pjax in Grails.See more
  • React Asset-Pipeline Plugin Provides react support for Asset-Pipeline.
  • GSP Content Buffer This plugin provide a taglib method called 'content'. It is used to insert page fragments anywhere in a GSP before it is rendered. The standard sitemesh content tag does not support appending content, this plugin does. Templates included with the render tag can also append content to sections in the layout.
  • Grails FilterPane Plugin This plugin adds automatic and customizable filtering capabilities to any Grails application's list views.
  • Ehcache Cache Plugin An Ehcache-based implementation of the Cache plugin
  • j2ssh SSH Plugin Java J2SSH library combined with default websockets to provide your Grails web application with live SSH interaction functionality. Version 1 New Client/Server Websocket call: Make multiple connections and broadcast commands to a group of servers. You can either use default Websockets method which is a live interaction with your back-end ssh connection(s) or use Ajax polling which only supports 1 concurrent connection at any one time.
  • Swaggydoc Plugin Uses swagger to document Grails Controllers
  • Spring Security REST Plugin Implements authentication for REST APIs based on Spring Security. It uses a token-based workflow
  • AngularJS Annotate Asset-Pipeline Plugin Provides AngularJS dependency injection annotation support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.
  • ElasticSearch Grails Plugin The revived Elasticsearch plugin for Grails.
  • Karma Test Runner Plugin Runs javascript unit or e2e tests with karma. Provides a test type "javascript" which can be run in any test phase.
  • Dynamic Logs With Rabbit Plugin Allows you to dynamically change log levels on all instances listening to a particular topic via RabbitMQ Messages.
  • CodeNarc plugin Runs CodeNarc static analysis rules for Groovy source.
  • Apache Tomcat plugin Makes Tomcat 8.x the servlet container for Grails at development time
  • Apache Camel Plugin Provides message routing capabilities using Apache Camel
  • Recurly Plugin Recurly Grails API.
  • Jabber plugin
  • AWS SDK Plugin The AWS SDK Plugin allows your Grails application to use the Amazon Web Services infrastructure services. It provides simple wrapper service around the official AWS SDK
  • Shiro CAS Plugin Enables Grails applications to use JASIG CAS for single sign-on with Apache Shiro
  • Console Plugin A web-based Groovy console for interactive runtime application management and debugging
  • Eclipse settings generator Creates .classpath and .project files for Eclipse/STS integration.Downloads the sources and javadocs for dependencies from public repositories.Links the sources and javadocs to the dependent libraries.example use (Eclipse / Groovy-Eclipse plugin, no STS): grails compilegrails download-sources-and-javadocs (run twice in a row)grails download-sources-and-javadocsgrails create-eclipse-filessh scripts/ (unix) or scripts/create_cpvardirs_windows.bat (windows)then import eclips...
  • Asset Pipeline Plugin The Asset-Pipeline is a plugin used for managing and processing static assets in Grails applications. Asset-Pipeline functions include processing and minification of both CSS and JavaScript files. It is also capable of being extended to compile custom static assets, such as CoffeeScript.
  • Grails AWS Plugin Amazon Web Services (AWS) grails plugin provides easy access to simpler functions of AWS
  • MongoFile Plugin The MongoFile plugin provides a MongoFileService that saves, retrieves and deletes files from a MongoDB file store. Furthermore, the domain classes have methods injected to handle these files.Each file is stored in a MongoDB collection (bucket), named after the domain class name.
  • Stylus Asset Pipeline Plugin Provides Stylus support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.

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