Grails Diary - Week 13 in 2015

30 March 2015

This week, the Grails team has been busy releasing! The latest release candidate for Grails 3.0, 3.0.0.RC3 is now available, and will be the last release candidate before the final version. The team has also released versions 2.4.5 and 2.5.0, with 2.5.0 becomming the maintenence branch for the 2.X series. The release notes are available here for 2.4.5 and 2.5.0, and the source difference between them

The old Grails Jira is now read-only, and all issues must be created at Github

You can follow the progress of the Groovy Apache incubation on the official site.

The Nebula Test project for testing Gradle builds has been released in version 2.2.1, leveraging Spock 1.0-groovy-2.3.

The Groovy Podcast is now present on Twitter, follow @groovypodcast. The latest episode (9) with Ken and Baruch (filling in for an ill Peter), revealed that a logo is also underway.

Craig Burke is making progress on the Groovy Document Builder, for generating word and pdf files. Now outputting the word format straight to OOXML, and headers and footers working for Word.

Jorge Franco is working on creating IOS applications with Grooscript, using React.js, this gist has a sample. Jorge will present Grooscript at both Greach and GR8conf this year!

If you need inspiration to why to attend GR8Conf EU, you could check out the 2014 YouTube channel, containing the talks from last year. This would make a great easter activity!


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  • UML Class Diagram Plugin Generate UML class diagrams from your Grails app source code.
  • Spring Mobile Plugin Device resolver based on the Spring Mobile Library
  • The Google Web Toolkit for Grails. Incorporates GWT into Grails. In particular, GWT host pages can be GSPs and standard Grails services can be used to handle client RPC requests.
  • Likeable Plugin Adds like functionality to domain classes. A light version of Rateable plugin
  • Pure CSS Plugin This plugin provides an easy way to include Pure CSS in your Grails application. Pure CSS is "A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project." Documentation on Pure CSS can be found at
  • ReCaptcha and Mailhide support for Grails. Protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease. Version 1.0 of this plugin introduces support for the new "checkbox" ReCaptcha. Please use an older version if you require the legacy funct
  • REST Client Builder Plugin Grails REST Client Builder Plugin
  • Release Plugin Allows you to publish Grails plugins, either to a public or private repository. It also supports deploying Grails applications and plugins to Maven repositories without the need to use Maven directly.
  • ModalBox Dynamic Form Updater Load various types of forms Self Posting,I Frame, Remote Forms and normal calls via ModalBox, upon trigger save or close depending on type of call, the underlying form is updated with new values without page refreshes.
  • Spring Websocket Plugin Spring Websocket Plugin
  • AWS Org-User-Team Plugin Uses AWS DynamoDB to store relationships between Orgs, Users and Teams.
  • Grails Font Awesome Resources Plugin Like the jquery-resources plugin that pulls in the jquery javascript lib as a resource, this plugin pulls in Font Awesome. Font Awesome is a very popular font based icon set. Font based icons are a very convenient means of incorporating icons into a web application and the technique is growing in popularity. Font Awesome probably works best when used with the twitter bootstrap UI framework for which it was designed.From version support for IE7 is gone, since Font Awesome does not support...
  • AWS Instance Utilizes a single (thread-safe) AWS Client Instance to access AWS Services: SES, SQS, DynamoDB, S3, Mobile Analytics
  • Ajax Dependancy Selection Plugin Defines next auto completion/selection form field values ensuring it is bound on previous auto completed/selected form field. This can be used on two or more objects of hasMany and belongsTo. Provides: g:autocomplete, g:autoCompletePrimary, g:autoCompleteSecondary, g:autoCompleteSecondaryNR, g:selectPrimary, g:selectSecondary , g:selectSecondaryNR & g:selectController. g:selectAutoComplete and g:selectPrimaryNR. Now also supporting 1 object with multiple dependencies.

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