Grails Diary - Week 18 in 2015

05 May 2015

Gradle 2.4 is now officially released, and available on Gvm. This release really comes with incredible performance improvements!

The Groovy Document Builder is ready in version 0.4, this time improving support for table-features

Wouldn't it be cool to have Groovy and Grails support in the new Microsoft Code editor. They already support java as language and they ask for input on what to implement next (see bottom of this page) There is already a feature wish for Groovy (and Grails) - people just have to vote. Thanks to Ralf D. Müller for pointing this out :)

Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal tweeted a picture of the box of technologies in Pivotal, and it really does look a lot more empty now without Groovy and Grails.

GR8conf EU is now less than a month away, and I'm looking forward to it. You can read the latest news letter, and remember registration closes at May 15th. This will be the first conference where I'll give a talk, a workshop, or a quick presentation, but this year, I'll give one of each.

The videos posted last week from Greach is also available with slides on the website for Greach.

The funnies twitter thread I've seen in a long time is here!: "Seeking candidate for "Sr. Gradle Sorcerer" Requirements include: Mastery of the blood magic that fuels the demonic build system." Remember to check out the image links in there!


Podcasts and Videos of Presentations

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New Plugins

  • Scaffold Core Plugin Core functionality for scaffolding own tempates or templates provided by plugin. e.g. grails-scaffold-extjs
  • Scaffold Angular Plugin Generates a working demo with Angular frontend and REST backend.

Updated Plugins

  • AWS Org-User-Team Plugin Uses AWS DynamoDB to store relationships between Orgs, Users and Teams.
  • Facebook SDK Plugin The Facebook SDK Plugin allows your Grails application to use the Facebook Platform and develop Facebook apps on or on web sites (with Facebook Connect). It is a port of the official Facebook PHP SDK to Grails 2.0.
  • JavaMelody Grails Plugin Integrate JavaMelody Monitoring into grails application.
  • Swaggydoc Plugin Uses swagger to document Grails Controllers
  • Grails AWS Plugin Amazon Web Services (AWS) grails plugin provides easy access to simpler functions of AWS
  • Grails Emoji Plugin Shows smileys (emotions) from the Emoji collections as images.
  • AWS App Config Plugin Uses AWS DynamoDB to store (versioned) application configuration.
  • Websocket Chat Plugin Default WebSocket Multi-chat room plugin, supports Admin privilages, kicking banning users. Webcam support for chrome/firefox. WebRTC (audio/video & screen) support 0.24+
  • Grails Urban Airship Api Plugin Easy integration with the API for the Urban Airship mobile notifications system.
  • Fields Plugin Customizable form-field rendering based on overrideable GSP template
  • es6to5-asset-pipeline Provides Ecmascript 6 support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.
  • AngularJS Template Asset-Pipeline Plugin Provides AngularJS template support for the asset-pipeline static asset management plugin.

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