Grails Diary - Week 21 in 2015

25 May 2015

Graime Rocher recently started at OCI after a bit of (well deserved) time off. I am convinced that Graeme and Jeff joining OCI with their Grails sponsorship is the best thing that has happened to Grails in a very long time (I also love Grails 3, and that is a very close 2nd). Being in a company that uses Grails will with guarantee bring valuable feedback. OCI is now also on the official list of sponsors at, and the list of issues scheduled for the next bugfix release of Grails can be found here. It is also planned to migrate all Jira tickets to github issues.

Eric MacAdie has finished up the Groovy Validators; Grails like validators for plain Groovy implemented using annotations. The project can be found on Github, and is so far just a jar to build and include yourself. This blog post outlines the usage.

The Grooscript project has had a busy week preparing for GR8conf Eu, and released both version 1.1.0 and version 1.1.1, including Gradle plugins. It is now possible to generate Require.js modules, used for to manage all javascript files and dependencies.

Ken Kousin has joined forces with O'Reilly and the product is a video course on Groovy: "Groovy Fundamentals: Getting Started with Groovy Scripts, POGOs, and Collections"

Remember the archive for the new Groovy mailing list can be found via


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Updated Plugins

  • GR8 CRM Product Management UI Provides (admin) user interface for product/item management in GR8 CRM applications.
  • GR8 CRM Product Services A GR8 CRM plugin that provides product/item management for orders and sales projects, etc. This is a "headless" plugin. Use interface for product management is provided by the crm-product-ui plugin.
  • Task Management User Interface for GR8 CRM Provides task management user interface for GR8 CRM applications
  • Task Management Services for GR8 CRM Provides task management services and domain classes for GR8 CRM applications
  • j2ssh SSH Plugin Java J2SSH library combined with default websockets to provide your Grails web application with live SSH interaction functionality. Version 1 New Client/Server Websocket call: Make multiple connections and broadcast commands to a group of servers. You can either use default Websockets method which is a live interaction with your back-end ssh connection(s) or use Ajax polling which only supports 1 concurrent connection at any one time.
  • jawr Grails plugin jawr grails plugin
  • iCalendar Plug-in This plugin contains a builder to easily convert your event into the iCalendar format. The plugin hooks replaces each render method that uses the contentType 'text/calendar'.
  • AWS SDK Plugin The AWS SDK Plugin allows your Grails application to use the Amazon Web Services infrastructure services. It provides simple wrapper service around the official AWS SDK
  • AWS Instance Utilizes a single (thread-safe) AWS Client Instance to access AWS Services: SES, SQS, DynamoDB, S3, Mobile Analytics
  • Scala Plugin Compiles Scala sources located under src/scala and src/java before grails kicks in with the grails compilation

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